UTAU vocaloid AI

Ai is IA´s younger Sister. Her Dub-Name is Rubin, because she likes the colour red. Her Birthday is the        5. September 2000Edit


Ai is a little young girl with white, long hair and blue eyes. She is very thin, but that doesn´t mean that she is frail.


At the beginning she seems very shy and quite, but actually Ai is very cheeky and nice.


She wears a black Top with an red skirt and white boots, one Over-Knee-Sock on the right leg. On the left leg she wears a black belt. In her hear she has a Hair Clip.
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Personal DescriptionEdit

Name: Ai

Dub Name: Rubin

Birthday: 05.09.2000

Age: 12

Zodiac sign: Virgin

High: 149 cm

Weight: 35 kg

Family: Big Sister IA

Voice: Light, Dark, Sweet

Solo Music: Ai Ai Night of Love

Seiyuu: Hanabi Mizuki


  • Massara Blue Jeans
  • Magnet
  • Electric Angel
  • Enclosure
  • Daughter of Evil
  • Bad Apple
  • IA IA Night of Desire
  • Kokoro