Haku's Return is a Fanmade Movie Made with MikuMikuDance


after the Death of Haku Hatsune a new Vocaloid Named Neruna Hatsune was Created to be Miku's Younger Sister at Miku's House Miku Meets Her Sister Neruna Tells Her That Her Married Sister Haku Hatsune Died Miku was Gone to School When Her Dark Side Finds Then Kidnaps Her Neruna Then Finds Her Older Sister Had Been Kidnapped By akaito Neruna Kills akaito Frees Her Older Sister Then Haku Returns as Haku Yowane Miku and Kaito Get Married and Have a Son Named Ted Neru and Len Get Married and Have a Daughter Named ashley

Main CharactersEdit

Miku Hatsune

Neruna Hatsune

Neru akita

Len Kagamine

Rin Kagamine

Nero akita

Major CharactersEdit

Naru akita and More

Minor CharactersEdit

Miku's Dark Side


End CharactersEdit