Katherine Rose is a fan made character made by me Firaga44 03:43, November 6, 2009 (UTC).

Summary Edit

Katherine Rose is a 12 year old girl going to elementary school and is very shy and because of that everyone picks on her. She also loves to draw flowers. She's also a straight A+ student in school. She also hates everyone else in her school because she thinks there big jerks and that she wishes they would learn some respect. Her sister Raine is the only person in her life she could relate to but Raine is out and is preclaimed dead lost out in the seas for 2 years. She also feels like a different person when listening to music her favorite songs are cinderella romance and true my heart. She also usually gets teased by Star and this results in her losing her temper and usually trying to hit her and someone holding her back.

Appearance Edit

Katherine Rose has light brown curly hair. She wears black short and a black and white kermit hoodie. She also wears a purple peace sign necklace. She usually wears a rose in her hair that her sister Raine gave her for her 10th birthday the day before she dissappeared.