Hanabi is my own Character in my Manga.

Mizuki Hanabi3


Name (Surname at first) :           

-Japanese:       Mizuki Hanabi

-Korean:           Lee Marion

-Vietnamese:    Tuyet Nga

-Chinese:          Hunag Lu

-Thai:               Suchinda Kairi

Gender:          Female

Birthday:         5. September 2000

Zodiac Sign:    Virgin

Height:            150 cm

Weight:           35 kg

Seiyuu:           Mizuki Hanabi


Hanabi goes to the Tenshi Jr. High, a Weapon-School in a parallel world. Befour she went to this School, she visited the Raiko Jr. High. When she noticed, that she has exceptionally sinews she went to the Tenshi Jr. High.


Normally she has long rose hair and pink/red eyes, but in her Demon-Version she has white hair,  red eyes, black wings and pointed teeth.


Hanabi can control the Elements Water/Ice, Earth and Light.



She loves Drawing, Sleeping, Music, japanese things, singing and her brothers. When she was 10 years old she started to draw Manga and listen to music. Especially she loves Kimonos, Japanese School Uniforms and Cosplay. Vocaloid-Songs, too ^^

-Favourit Food:

Hanabi likes fruits, vegetables and candies


Creepy Pastas, be alone and sports.

She wants to watch Creepy Pasta, but after watching she can´t sleep in rest.

-Hate Food:

Meat and Fish, oily Food.

Because she is a Vegetarian she doesn´t eat Meat and Fish.


She has four big Brothers and one big Sister:

Big Brothers

-Shigure      (20)

-Tanaka       (19)

-Rin            (15)

-Masamaru  (14)

Big Sister

-Mami         (14)

Live StoryEdit

Hanabi was premature birth and the doctor said she won´t survive on more day. Her Father was glad about this news, but her Mother doesn´t wanted that she will die. So she gave her Daughter her life. But in Her Mothers body lives a demon, that came into Hanabi´s soul. Her Mother died and in Hanabi´s body lives a demon now. Her Father commited suicide. Hanabi staied alone with her siblings, but they moved away from her. She didn´t found friends, no one wanted to start a friendship with her. One day, when she was 12 years old, she noticed that she has exceptionally sinews, she went to the Tenshi Jr. High. At this School she found Friends who have the same Live like her.