this a fan song made by me joe--okay? 21:37, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Charaters Edit

Jay Nikkie the stuborn duke

Kina the madened knight

Sam and Samantha the ill twins

The Lyrics  Edit

the eighth alice was a stuborn duke noone can under stand

making such silly laws in the wonderland

he would kill anyone who would eat he food

and he was a very crazy dude

such an alice finally snaped by eating a flower poisoned by the tips

when it finally touched his lip

noone would remember he would become king

the nineth alice was a knight as noble as a horse

wonderland to her was like a playing corse

she would do such thing that can't be done by man

she was then made the protector of the land

this alice was finally snaped the death of her friend made her dead inside herself

though she made such welth

she gave it all away for her friend's autopsy

the nineth alice were children ill by birth

the people of wonder land gave them some worth

getting all the gifts they got made them very good

but there true intenion was to get more and more

enough so they can go out the door

the alices didn't get what they want

so they then got a bufount

now they are the pritiest people

end of the story Edit

the story is over but they got what they wanted except the duke but this is when the dream is happy but he still wants more so who is the next alice?