Tsubaki Himuro (氷室氷室 Himuro Tsubaki) is a variation of Miku, commonly attributed to risque or sexy elements. Her surname Himuro means "ice chamber".


Tsubaki Himuro, in Japan, used to be a parody character as an good Miku or an anti-Miku protecter android. She had light skin color and looked good. However, she is all but forgotten in Japan, whereas in the overseas community, she's treated as a risque Miku, still good, but in a rather different way.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

While Tsubaki Himuro has songs made to her name, she does not have any noticeable variation to the original, other than the fact that she sings risque songs. Some users use pitch manipulation to change her voice to be deeper.


  • She is more popular in fanarts than in covers or songs.
  • Being a risque Miku, she surprisingly does not have that much r-18 art.
  • In Japan, she is amongst the many forgotten Vocaloid fanmades.